We believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is good news for all

But Jesus taught his disciples to expect that that good news would not always be welcomed with open arms. As we read the story of how Christ himself was received, we begin to see the different ways that the values of the Kingdom of Heaven come into conflict with the Kingdom of this World. Which side are we on?

As we look at this series of episodes in the life of Jesus, we want to be gripped once more by the attractive life in the Kingdom that Jesus offers and expose the empty promises of the Kingdom of this World. So come to him as you are, weary and heavy laden, and find in him rest for your soul.

4th Jun - Matthew 11-12 

11th Jun - Matthew 11:1-19 

18th Jun - Matthew 11:20-24 

25th Jun - Matthew 11:25-30 

2nd Jul - Matthew 12:1-14 

9th Jul - Matthew 12:15-21 

16th Jul - Matthew 12:22-37 

23rd Jul - Matthew 12:38-50