Do you ever feel yourself drifting away from Jesus and his church?

We might think it will never happen to us, but it's actually not unusual for people who have been Christians for years to find themselves growing distant from the good news that God has given us in Jesus. Perhaps we can think of friends who used to know Jesus but now seem further away from him. What can we do?

We all need to be captivated again by Jesus, to see the amazing things he has done, the reality of the life he has called us to, and the key part that the church family has to play in keeping us going. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be taking a whistle-stop tour of the book of Hebrews, praying that as the Holy Spirit reveals the wonders of God's Word to us, our hearts will be Captivated.

23rd Apr - Listen to God - Jesus is Better 

30th Apr - Come to God - Jesus makes the Way 

7th May - Work Together - Jesus gives us Confidence 

14th May - Keep Training - Jesus shows us How 

28th May - Live for God - Jesus never Changes