Why is the world this way if the Kingdom of Heaven has really come?

Throughout Matthew's gospel, we are clearly told that we ought to repent, because there is a coming kingdom that will arrive on earth. But what kind of Kingdom will it be? Jesus teaches us through parables to see that the Kingdom of Heaven is something that is here, but it has not yet been fully revealed. If we want to know more, we need to work hard and look beneath the surface of the stories Jesus tells.

Come and see what Jesus has to teach us about the Kingdom of Heaven this term.

21st Jan - Matthew 13:10-17 

28th Jan - Matthew 13:1-23 

4th Feb - Matthew 13:31-35 

11th Feb - Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 

25th Feb - Matthew 13:44-46 

4th Mar - Matthew 13:47-52